Introduction== The objective of this challenge is to build and epic kingdom in survival mode on singleplayer. No mods, hacks, or inventory editors are allowed in this challenge. There are different levels, each having its own requirements to move on. The player is allowed to have an desired difficulty setting, but no NPC villages are to be touched. You're completely on your own. Let's begin.

Level OneEdit

You start out in a randomly generated world. Your objective in this level is to gather all of the following for your kingdom:

  • 4 wooden pickaxes
  • 4 wooden swords
  • 4 wooden shovels
  • 4 wooden hoes
  • 4 wooden axes
  • 64 cobblestone
  • 64 wooden planks (any variant)
  • 5 sapplings (any variant)
  • 12 seeds
  • 1 bed
  • 1 furnace
  • 1 crafting table

You are permitted to use any wooden tool as you please, but you have to replace it to advance. You are not permitted to use stone tools, iron tools, gold tools, or diamond tools. The house you live in must be at least 5x5 in size and can be however many stories you can manage. You are never to destroy your house.

Level TwoEdit

The objective of this level is to gather some more materials to make your future glorious kingdom. Here are the requirements:

*4 stone pickaxes
  • 4 stone swords
  • 4 stone shovels
  • 4 stone hoes
  • 4 stone axes
  • 3 stacks of 64 cobblestone
  • 3 stacks of 64 wooden planks (any variant)

    Picture of Minecraft

  • 64 sand
  • 64 glass panes (or 24 glass blocks)
  • 20 sapplings (any variant)
  • 24 seeds
  • 12 wheat
  • 2 beds (total)
  • 3 normal chests
  • 64 torches
  • 32 coal

Build an extra bedroom onto your house, and add a room specifically for the crafting table, the furnace, and all three chests. Same rules apply to the items here. You are only permitted to use stone and wooden tools to get all the requirements. You may use all items at your whim, but you have to replace them to advance.

[more levels to be added shortly]